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Glenmorangie Tasting Set 10cl
Glenmorangie Tasting Set 10cl

Glenmorangie Tasting Set 10cl

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This set will take the recipient on a thrilling voyage of discovery through four of Glenmorangie’s perennial favourites – The Original, and the extra-matured Lasanta, Nectar d’Or and Quinta Ruban.
With each spirit chosen to showcase Glenmorangie’s diversity and expertise, the Tasting Set provides something for every whisky lover – and for any occasion.

The perfect serve - Enjoy neat, with a little water or with two or three large cubes of ice
Service temperature - Room temperature
When to drink - Ready to drink
Storage advice - Store upright in a cool, dark, dry place
Closure - Cap With Cork
Alcohol by volume - 40.0 % Vol.

The Original, double-distilled and matured for 10 years in bespoke casks, defines the house style and forms the foundation of Glenmorangie’s extra-matured whiskies. To develop their unique flavours, Nectar d’Or spends an extra two years in Sauternes barriques, while Lasanta is moved to ex-sherry casks, and Quinta Ruban spends two years in ruby port barrels.