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At Glenmorangie, our obsession with understanding cask maturation has been influenced by over 25 years of research. We know that using our casks only twice means they remain full of flavour and allow us to create whisky of exceptional depth and complexity. Having pioneered extra-maturation over 25 years ago, our Whisky Creators continue to travel the world in their search for exceptional casks which will provide additional, intriguing layers of flavours to the original character of Glenmorangie.

Our wood expertise and pioneering work in extra-maturation means we are always innovating to create new flavour profiles for the delight of whisky consumers. The Glenmorangie distillery employs skilled craftsmen - originally known as the “Sixteen Men of Tain” - committed to create the best Malt Whisky. Their techniques, expertise, craft, and traditional values have been passed down the generations to this day. At Glenmorangie, we insist on only using the finest quality barley, exclusively from Scotland to make our whiskies. Not only does this ensures quality, but fits with our strong sustainability agenda and reduces the carbon footprint of Glenmorangie production.

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