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Welcome To Mortlach , Whisky’s Best Kept Secret 

Welcome to the dark side of Speyside , where we tell our tales with charisma and a touch of mystery to draw people in with the promise of discovering stories of old told with a modern tongue .

Dr Alexander Cowie was a brave outsider . A doctor in a distiller’s world . A man bolder than most . We continue to do things our way , crafting our own traditions , just like Alexander did to FORGE a unique way to a bigger Scotch .

We live by “ THE WAY “ . Neither step nor still altered since 1896 . A method fastidiously followed to distil precisely 2.81 times . This fanatical attention to detail is applied to all that we do .

We are BIG , with BIG flavour and weight to what we say or do ( without big smoke ) . Behind everything are layers of detail that build a robust whole.

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